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Clues for the Clueless

Stuff everyone should know, but for some reason they don't

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This is a community for people to post tidbits of information that should be common sense, but are unknown by a depressingly large amount of people.

Some examples are "Your 683 ton SUV won't fit in a Compact space," or "Unless you can currently see a baby protruding from her loins, you should never, ever, suggest that a woman is pregnant."

Please try to avoid blatantly political posts. If you want to post about how [Democrats/Republicans] are [evil/brilliant], or blather on about how there [is/is not] a connection between terrorism and [insert country/religion/ideology here] there are plenty of places in LJ land for that sort of thing. We suggest you try one of them rather than trolling in here.

But if you want to point out that a teenager who constantly guns his car's engine is not necessarily well endowed, this is the place to do it.

Also, try to number your clues, for easy reference. This will almost certainly get screwed up, but as a general rule, your clue should be 1 higher than the last clue that was posted in the community.